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24 hours to save…. Winchester

Invited to take part in a 24 hour design workshop with other design consultants, we were asked to develop design proposals and visions for Winchester as a sustainable city in 2020.

We looked at a site in Winnall. Our aim was simple, to create a sustainable district to Winchester. Changing it form an industrial estate / out of town shopping area into a place, where one could live, work and play, with improved links into the historic centre of Winchester.

The key was looking at the existing topography of the site. We proposed rebuilding the out dated office and light industrial units along Winnall Valley Road, with a green roof building containing these and additional retail units. This forms a major new linear park running through Winnall up towards Tesco and linking the currently separate halves of Winnall on either side. New housing, shops and cafes front this new public space.

Concept design.