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We have entered a number of bridge competitions together with Price & Myers consulting engineers.

Sheffield Parkway Bridge Competition, we questioned what is meant by a sustainable bridge. Our answer was one that uses the minimal amount of natural resource and material to achieve its aim and this led us to explore tensegrity structures. A network of steel rods and cables forms the structure to support this lightweight deck and creates an inherently dynamic and exciting structure.

River Douglas Bridge Competition, with David Mathias, the bridge is composed of two main elements, the “railway sleeper deck” and the “twinned masts”. The reclaimed railway sleepers are tensioned together by cables to form a flat “cantenary” structure and the pairs of masts reduce the span. The bridge acts structurally in 2 different ways, with the back spans being cable stay supported decks, whilst the middle section is a truss formed using the handrails. This creates an extremely minimal but elegant bridge.

Status: Competition entry.