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Log Cabin

The brief for a simple side extension to the log cabin, a scouts hut in Winchester allowed us to “unlock” the potential of the log cabin and expand its use by the local community.

The design is centred around preserving the unique charm and character of the log cabin, extending it into the unused “blind” side along the existing retaining wall.
This now creates space for new entrance and toilet facilities, enlarged and improved storage for the various scouts and other local groups and free up circulation space along the main hall.
The internal modifications hinge around moving the kitchen to the rear of the log cabin, enlarged and with better access to the outside, while the existing kitchen has become a separate meeting room for the scout leaders.

The roof shape mirrors the existing lower section of the roof, allowing the distinctive timber roof structure to be retained and simply extended onto the new external wall. This creates an elegant “butterfly roof” that will extend at one end to form the new entrance canopy.

Status: Completed