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Spring Vale

This proposal is for the re-development of this site just outside Winchester and is for a mixture of 3 x 2 bedroom and 3 x 3 bedroom dwellings.

The long proportion of the site lent itself to a row of semi-detached dwellings set within their own gardens to the west and with a new access road to the east. We have orientated the dwellings away from the nearby A34, and to open up the views over their gardens and onto the allotments and the woodland beyond.

The series of buildings have been considered as a whole with the aim to create a “flow” that runs across the scheme and follows the rolling landscape of the area. So although the base plan to each dwelling is similar by varying the pitch and direction of the roof shape there is a sense of movement across the dwellings, whilst allowing for the provision of solar panels.

The roof and gables will be cladded in traditional slate to be read as the top of these hills, whereas the “body” of the houses are in dark brick, common for the area. The addition of bay windows and a cantilevering room over the entrance to alternating dwellings will give further variety within the common typology.

The dwellings are planned as pairs of semis over two floors with some using the roof space to create a loft room. As the site is sloping to the west the entrance is located at landing level, with the ground floor cut into the slope to ensure level access onto the gardens.  This reduces the scale of the house at the level of the access road and reduces its impact on the adjoining treescape.