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Whiteshute Lane

Located on a narrow road and partly obscured by trees, the project was to enlarge a dated 1950′s bungalow. Through consultation with the local planners a scheme emerged to create what appears to be a completely new house, but in reality is in part extension and in part remodelling of the existing.

A new boundary wall on the north side of the house acts as a flank and contains the “service areas”. This then “frees up” the south side for the main living, dining and kitchen areas as well as allowing them to “open up” onto the west facing garden.┬áThe first floor roof space is remodelled and a dormer added to the rear.┬áThe house is expressed as a simple single storey timber block at ground level with a slate clad block above. This is particularly evident from the rear.

The solution is proving both dramatic interms of appearance and additional space but economical and quick, constructed in less than 6 months.

Status: Project completed.